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What is Langridge ?

A very simple question to answer, we are our growers.

A business that started on a farm, it’s aim to sell produce grown by farmers. That was Uncle Bernard’s vision all those years ago to sell organic produce, grown by organic farmers, direct to retailers.

As the business has grown over the last 30 years so have the number and range of customers that we serve. What hasn’t changed is the growers, well there are more of them and they grower a wider range of crops and they are based over a wider geographical area and in more countries, but apart from that, nothing has changed.

I come from a family of Devon farmers going back as many generations as any one can remember and although I’m not a farmer, I leave that to my cousins, it is in my heart. I love nothing more than visiting the amazing growers we work with and finding out what is happening on their farm.

We want our customers to feel part of this community and when ever we can we love to take them down on the farm.

As writing this I am so looking forward to the time when we can invite you, our customers, once again to come and visit the farmers who grow our fruit and veg, break some bread with us and who knows maybe have a cheeky cider or two ( after all my family is from Devon ).